~* About Bandwidth *~

I decided to write this little article about unlimited bandwidth, cause I dont want new dollsite owners to get into the same trouble as I did.

First of all I want you to know that Unlimited Bandwidth does NOT exist. If a website is offering unlimited bandwidth, most likely it is simply a lie.

A server has a limit for amount of space (bandwidth) to use. Just like a computer that has 2 GB of harddisk space (limited space), a server has a limit of bandwidth space. Thats one of the reasons why unlimited could never exist.

Let me tell you my story...
A long while ago I decided to buy my domain - www.gurlpowerrr.net. I went to look at a lot of hosts, especially for one who offered unlimited bandwidth, cause I knew I used a lot. I came at this hosting site (wont mention any names *cough* chosting.nl *cought*). They offered me enough webspace and unlimited bandwidth, for about 250 euros a year. I decided to buy it.

Everything went great, I had my .net, the server was fast, but one day my site was down.

I contacted the host immediately. They told me that they shut down my site because I was using too much bandwidth! I was like "huh, I got unlimited right?!?" Well - I didnt. They wanted to pay me for the 'extra' amount of bandwidth I used - 1100 Euros!!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you wanna see it, I couldn't have know it wasnt unlimited. The Terms of Use for hosting weren't available on their site back then, so they had no rights to ask me for the money. What they did do, was keep my .net :( The smartasses registered the .net on THEIR name (I was supposed to be registered on MY name) so I never got that back.

After that I decided to do a little investigation on bandwidth and unlimited bandwidth.

I saw that a lot of sites use the "Fair Use Policy". FUP means that you can use as much as you want - as long as its not TOO much. You shouldnt be bothering other people which are at the same server as you. If you're using way more than they do, then you are not in the FUP agreements anymore and they cut you down, or make you pay.

If you are looking for a host, then please look for a host who offers you a special amount of bandwidth - but NO unlimited!

For new dollsites I would recommend 20GB of bandwidth a month. If your site is getting bigger, then upgrade it to 50GB, and if you're site is really getting big, like mine, or dolliecrave, then you will need more than 100GB. I use about 200GB a month.

Also, if you're looking for a host, READ THE TERMS OF USE AND THE AGREEMENT! Usually I don't bother reading things like those, but if you're gonna get webhosting, then just read them.

If you already have a site and you want to cut down on the bandwidth; then move your dollmakers. Many people thing that their bandwidth is so high, cause people are direct linking. Thats is not totally true. Most direct linkers have little sites, which dont have a lot visitors. If nobody comes to their site, it does not affect your bandwidth.

The dollmakers are the bandwidth eaters - everytime someone goes to your site, and loads a dollmaker, then all those little GIF images have to reload. Imagine if you have 100 visitors, and all of them use about 2 or 3 of your dollmakers! Those GIF images have to load over and over again - and THATS whats eating your bandwidth.

I hope I helped you a little with this article about bandwidth. I just wanted to share my experience with you, so that you dont make the same mistakes as I did ;)

This tutorial is created by Eve The Doll Palace
Do not copy this tutorial onto your own website without the permission of The Doll Palace.