~* Eve's Blinkie Tutorial *~

Every day when I check my email or the message board, I find the same question; "Can you make me a blinkie?" or "How do I make a blinkie" ?

I explained it a little in the FAQ, but I guess that's not enough. That's why I made this tutorial. If you read it very careful then you'll know how to make blinkies for the rest of your life :P

Step One
Ofcourse the first thing to do is to make a blinkie.
You can make one yourself in paint, but let's do it the easy way for now, and make one in my
Blinkie Maker
Start Blinkie Maker
Then save the blinkie to a place you can easily find it back at.

Step Two
Now that you have made your blinkie, you gotta animate it. I always animate my graphics with Animation Shop Pro. You can go to www.jasc.com to download the free trial version of Animation Shop Pro.

Step Three
Open up animation shop pro and open your blinkie.

Make sure you have selected "10" or more at Frame Properties. (Right click on your blinkie and then go to Frame Properties).

At "Animation Properties" you can decide if you want the blinkie to blink once, or if you want the blinkie to keep blinking.

After you've checked all that, right click on the blinkie and select "Copy".
Then at the top of the program there's this little Icon "Past after Current". Click on that icon once, and you've copied your blinkie once.

Zoom in, you can do this with the icon. Now we're gonna paint the letters of the second blinkie white. You can select the colour here:

You can paint the colours with the icon or with the icon. When you've painted the other blinkie white, it'll look like this:

If you want to know how the blinkie looks before you save it, then go to "View" and then "Animation". Now all you gotta do is save your blinkie and you're done! :)

This tutorial is created by Eve The Doll Palace.
Do not copy this tutorial onto your own website without the permission of The Doll Palace.