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You can contact us, but please read these rules very carefully before you do.

- Most questions are already answered in the Gurlpowerrr FAQ .
If you can't find the answer to your question there, then you can post it on the Forum .

- NEVER I repeat never send us forwards. Forwards take up a big amount of space in our inbox, which causes problems with email delivery. If you send us a forward, we will simply block your email address and delete the email.

- Please do not ask us questions like "How do you make a website" or "How do you make a dollmaker". We have all the materials available in FAQ and Tutorials. If you really would like to make a website or a dollmaker, just orientate yourself at the internet.

- Do not send us emails with attachments.

- Do not email us and ask to reply on another email address (not the address you sent your email from). If you email The Doll Palace, just do it from the email address you want to be mailed back at. If you ask us to email you back on another address, we will simply delete your email, or reply at the address you've sent your email from.

- Please do not ask us to make any personal graphics like blinkie, banner, etc. Please understand that because of the time limitation we could not fulfill all the requests for personal graphics.

If we will notice that you did not read these rules, we will just delete your email. We also hope that you understand why we have these rules. We are getting hundreds of emails daily and we simply can not answer in details the same thing over and over again.

One last time, please review FAQ and Manuals available on this site before asking any questions.

Well I guess that's all. Please use our new helpdesk system to contact us and get the fastest response!
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