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For sponsoring me! Where would I have been without them? Nowhere!
If they were not here, Gurlpowerrr would have been gone forever!
Thanks to them I can continue with my site! Thank you so much!

Desiree from Thuggndivaz Dollz
For hosting Gurlpowerrr for a few months, I've really appreciated it!

This is where I first discovered about Dollz and Dollmakers. Without Dollz Mania, I would never have known about Dollz.

Emma's Dollhouse
Emma's Dollhouse was a very big example and inspiration for me. Here I found out that there weren't only prep dolls, but a lot of other kinds too.
Most of my dolls were made with her great dollmakers.

The Palace
All my Dollmaker props come from the Palace. Without palace, my Dollmakers wouldn't be here.

This is a Dutch HTML site where I learned most of our HTML.
Thanks MyCu2, without your help I would never have understand HTML!

Thanks for their Great scripts.

Thanks for the guestbook, I never had any problems with it!

Thanks for the FAQ Service, Polls, Message Board, Greeting Cards, and all other Great services!

The Doll Palace Topsites
Thanks for letting Gurlpowerrr be at your topsitelist. Without this topsitelist Gurlpowerrr would never be so known as it is now.

Lush Brushes
Thanks for the brushes.