~* Awards & Gifts *~
These gifts and awards are sent to me by some great people who luv me or my site :) Thank you all!

Thanks Lizzy from Majestic Diva Dollz! I luv it :)
Thanks Stacey :)
Thanks Lana :)
Thanks Julia :) I really love this new gift ^_^ This is made by a real sweet girl! Thanks Hezzie! :)
It's so cute! Thanks Mitsiki! :)
Thanks Lisetje :)
Aww Thanks RoXjaaH! ;) Luv U 2!
Thanks Ash! ;)
Thanks Lenneke! ;)
Thanks Sugababe fan! ;)
Thanks Sandy! same to you ;)
Thanks Caroline & Miek!
Thanks Caroline :)! Bonita's rock dont they? ;)
Thanks Julia! I love it!
Thanks Mitsiki!! Sisters 4Eva!
Thanks Tina! She really looks like me! :)
Thanks Lenneke! It's super super cute!
Thanks Yael! I had a great day ;)
Thank you Tomoko! What a pretty gift!
Thanks Rainbow Sprinkles! I luv pink ;)
Thanks Nikita! She's Pretty!
Thanks Mimi! I hope they will too! :P
Thank you Baby Blue Julie ;)
Thanks Jack, Branka and Jera!
Thank you Amy! "My stupid computer wouldn't let me save it as a gif file so thats why 3 images ;)"
Thanks Amanda! :) My Bday was Great!!
Thanks Dani! :)
Thanks Dollville! Your site rocks as well ;)
I LOVE this gift! Thanks DollieShoppe :)
Thanks Myriam! :)
Thanks April :) it's sweet!
Thanks Katie :) I'm glad as well! lol
This gift is SOOOOOOOOO supersupercute! :) Thanks Kimmy!
Awww Mackenzie! This gift is so precious :)
Dang gurl you are so good at making graphics! This gift looks fab!
Thanks Sarah and Dee :) It's such a cute gift!
Glad to be your Sister Julia! :)
Thanks Avril! :) I'm so glad to be back too!
Christieeeee! :) Thanks so much girl! Sisters 4 Life!
Thank you Crazie Bee :)
Thanks Desiree! :) It was great to be spotlighted!
Thanks Sammi :) Cosmic Dolls Rocks!
Thanks Amber :) And thanks for the super fanlisting!
Thanks April!
Thanks Sister! Same to you :)
Thanks Marieke and Caroline! :)
Thanks Danielle and Tiffany!
Thanks Amanda :)
Thanks Aliye! Sisters 4Ever!
Thanks Channa & Caroline :) My fav sissies ;)
Thank you lili!
Thank you Lily :)
Thanks Mackenzie! You little gift-aholic ;)
Thanks Teigan!