~* Site History *~
Ok, here's the looong "history story" of Gurlpowerrr :P Have fun readin' it!

Somewhere at the end of 2001, I think it was in september, I was reading the dutch gurly magazine "Fancy" together with my niece. In that magazine there was a link to Dollzmania.com. Me and my niece decided to go and check it out, and we were addicted right away! When I came home I told Essie about dollzmania, she totally loved it as well! I started to look for other dollsites, but I could only find some of those expage sites.

At that time I discovered dolls with quotes. I was like "hey, I can do that!" So I started making dollquotes. Of course, like everyone who does something for the first time, I was not good it it at all. I made some of them and showed them to Essie.

She said: Hey Eve, lets make a site! I was like "uhmm ok cool, but I don't know how!". I really had no clue of html or whatever had to do with that. Essie said "Thats ok, I'll do the HTML stuff". Well, that's when we started :)

Essie signed up for an account at Geocities. We wanted to name the site Girlpower, but that one was taken. Then we wanted to name the site Gurlpower, but that one was taken as well. Gurlpowerrr wasn't taken yet, so we took that name.

After a time we found out that geocities didn't offer much bandwdith so Essie moved the site to Topcities. Topcities wasn't a good host as well, every day our site was offline for 6 hours, which irritated the hell outta us. We signed up for a second topcities acound, and later for even third. This also didn't help.

When I became sick (I had the kissing disease :( ) I had lots and lots of time, and Essie didn't always have time to update the site, so I started to learn HTML myself. I started doing most of the updates, making a lot of graphics, cause Essie was more and more busy with her school and job. I also started using frames and created a new layout.

I sent in our site to the Fancy (The girls magazine I told you about before) and asked them to link us. A few months later our site was in their magazine! I was so happy! They gave us much more visitors.
Fancy magazine link says:
     Very gurly is the dollsite of Essie and Evelien (http://gurlpowerrr.topcities.com). They have made the dolls theirselfes and you can dress them up, and even let them be custom made for you. Also fun: Post your poem or go and read the wall of shame.
That statement was not completely accurate, we didn't do custom dolls, and people couldn't send in their poems, but whatever, we got linked there!

After a time I got very sick of the fact that our site was suspended constantly. I asked my brother for advice.
He told me that I could use our Chello account. Chello is our internet provider, they offer you 10 MB free webspace and I think unlimited bandwidth, so I moved the site there. I was very satisfied with chello, we were never down anymore and we got more and more visitors. But after a few months the site was full. The 10 MB webspace was not enough, I couldn't add any new things to it! :(

I started deleting old stuff, like the site graphics, to make space for new things like dollmakers etc. This only worked for a while, I didn't know what to do!

On april the 26th, my Birthday I received an email from Desiree, the webmiss of Thuggndivazdollz.com. She wanted to host me! I was so happy! She offered me unlimited bandwidth and unlimited webspace. Now I could go and add more!

Unfortunately, when I was on holiday in Italy, the site just got kicked off. I had to re-upload everything again when I came home. A few weeks later, the site got kicked off again. It seemed to be that my site and Desiree her site were eating too much bandwidth, lol. Well, when the site was down for 1.5 week I got crazy. I wanted to update! I decided to use the money I made during my summerjob for the site. I bought Gurlpowerrr.net.

Also I wanted to go on on my own. I talked to Essie about this and she agreed. We started the site together, but at the end it was only me who updated, who made stuff etc. She also didn't have time for it anymore. Essie and I are still good friends, so if anyone says we hate each other now, that's not true.

After I had Gurlpowerrr.net for 3 months I got in problems with my old host. Paying a populair site like this was too much for me, I didn't have that much money. I thought had to give up Gurlpowerrr and stop with the site forever, until a little miracle happened: I found a sponsor!

Hosting4Fun.com wanted to sponsor me! I'm very glad they gave me this chance, elsewise Gurlpowerrr was doomed. I didn't get my .net back yet, so I bought a .org :)

Well I guess that was the story ;) Could be that I forgot some things but it's been a 2 year long story, so I can't remember everything ;)

I also wanted to say I'm glad I met some real special people at my site.

This goes out to:
Caroline & Marieke
Channa & Caroline
Ally & Michelle
and Christie