~* Hate = Jealousy! *~
Everyone who has their own dollsite, gets to deal with haters. The haters tell you your site sucks or that your site is boring. The only reason why they are hating is just because they want to have a site that is as great as yours. They wish they could come up with so many great ideas like you, they wish they had the talent you have to make a good website, and to make cool graphics. They don't, they are jealous, and they're "blaming" you for it. We want to stop the haters who go flood your guestbook with rude messages just cause they're jealous. So when they tell you your site sucks, they mean "I love your site and I wish I could make one like yours".

Please join us. Choose one of the blinkies you see below, upload it to your own server and link it back to http://www.gurlpowerrr.org/menu/hate.html; I'd love to see who's joining me :)

Hate = Jealousy!

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