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All dollmakers have been updated to use the new technology from DollMakerScript.com.

Think GurlPowerrr address is too complicated and hard to remember??? Now you can make it simpler with our new shorturl : EasyDoll.com.

Updated layout so interface will adjust to any resolution on your screen, updated dollmakers, fixed all the missing dollmaker items (sorry it took so long, but everything should be OK now). Updated the front page and removed the splash page so the site functionality and look is consistent with all sites in TDP Network.

Updated guestbook and contacts, should feel a bit better when you can finally talk to someone about the site... Please do not abuse guestbook, give your opinion, talk about your experience. If you have any complains or problems please contact us via helpdesk link in a "Contact" area.

I added 2 new dollmakers...
Designer Cheerleader Maker
Sonderbar Cheerleader Maker
I've drawn the clothes for the last maker myself, so you won't see them anywhere else on the net... At least, I hope.
I'm taking a short break from the site. Gurlpowerrr isn't what it used to be anymore... Regular visitors must have noticed that too.
Anyway, I dont feel like I owe you an explanation.

I made 3 adorable new dolliemakers!
Tiny Cheerleader Maker
Tiny Pajamas Maker
Sweets Doggie Maker
Hope you enjoy them! :)
Apparently Shar from PinkProductionz still needs to go on about the stolen things from my site. She keeps denying that she did steal my country maker. In fact - she says she never even had one.
Glad I've got friends who were smart enough to screenshot that maker for me, so to prove to you that she DID steal that maker, take a look at the screenshot *here*.
Thats the last thing I had to say about Shar and her sticky paws.
Btw - don't forget to join my topsitelist!

New layout! Hope you like it...
If you have a site then don't forget to join my topsitelist!

Whoohoo! After a long long time the toplist is back up again!
I did lose every member though :( Actually it isnt that much of a problem, cause most of the members removed the link when Gurlpowerrr was down...
Old and new members; please join by clicking *here*

I have made three new dollmakers :)
Evie Mermaid Maker
Silent Rainbow Maker
Tiny Duckie Maker
Hope you like them! ^_^

I added a little tutorial/read on Bandwidth - it's what all website owners should know, scroll down to tutorials to read it.
I also changed the About Me page.

As you can see I added a new layout! I hope you like it, I dunno if I do!
Please take some time to vote for me :) Thanks!

*Drumroll* I'm finally finished :)
Together with my best bud Li I created a Dollie MSN Avatar Site!
Click here to visit Davs!
We decided to make that site a looong time ago, but it's finally finished.
I'm hope most of you Avatar lovers will like it! =]

I added 40 new props to the Sonderbar maker!
The new thing I'm working on should be finished tomorrow or the day after :)
Keep checking back!

One of my sisters, Luscious Dolls closed her site. Good luck with school Lina! It was nice being your sister :)
Buuuut, I do have a new sister site! :)
JoJo from Magic Dollzcharm asked me to be Sisters, so Jojo and Angel are my two new sissies :)
Go check their site out, it's been on hiatus for a long time, but it's back and better than ever!
By the way, if my unique Country maker, or any other maker isn't working, then I recommend you to go to Pink Productionz because that bitch stole my WHOLE Unique Country maker and lots of other props too.
I've edited the whole fucking maker, just to make a special and exclusive maker for you, and what do I get? Bitches stealing from me.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm not forgetting about my site ;)
Suddenly, I can update again, so I'm trying to fix some of the dollmakers that dont work.
If you see some that arent working, please tell me.
I'm also working on a real cool new thing, so keep checking back to see what it is ;)

Hey Peoples! Yup yup, I'm back from spain!
For those who are interested; I had a GREAT time! It's been one of the best holidays of my life :)
Nice weather, nice disco's, nice boys, nice clothes! It's heaven :P
Well, I made a new dollmaker!
A Sonderbar Maker!
I'm also workin on a new layout but I kinda forgot how to do iframes, and I lost a LOT of fonts cause my brother re-installed my PC :(
I'd love it if you'd vote for me! =]

My plane flies in a few hours but I found a little time to upload my new maker for you!
Check out my Evie Maker!
It's 100% handdrawn by me so enjoy!
Well like I said, don't email me ;)
Have a nice vacation everyone!

Tomorrow I'm going to spain for two weeks, so please try NOT to email me unless it's very important.
I haven't updated the past week because I totally do not feel like updating.
I think I got kinda used to the idea of not having a site ;)
I'll see how I feel when I get back from spain!
The 31th I'll be back, so expect new updates by then.
Byeee! =]

While the site was gone, I made some new dollmakers!
Bonita Clown Maker
Bonita Surf Babe Maker
Bonita Waitress Maker
Silent Disney Maker
Silent Disco Maker
Silent Wedding Maker
I'll be adding more dollmakers soon :)
I also got two new sisters!
My best online friend - Li from Helping the Poor! and Tab from PurrFX!

Gurlpowerrr is BACK!!
Finally! :) I hope you're just as glad as I am ;)
I really didn't feel like changing all the pages, but when I came online my sponsor told me he was doing it for me!
Can you believe that? I was so happy!
Well, I've got a lot of updates prepared for tomorrow, for now I just wanted to let you know that I'M BACK!
I'm not a vote begger, but I would appreciate it if you would vote for me, so that everyone can see Gurlpowerrr's back in the dolling world!
Thanks for all your support! =]

A lot of updates today :)
First of all I added a new dollmaker, this time a Unique Guess? Maker
I also added a few late birthday gifts, and some new awards! I've got so many in the past two years, so I made a second awards & gifts page :)
The Unique Sports Maker is also updated with a few new props.
I also joined a "I hate hatelistings" clique.
Oooh! I also won the Golden Webmistress Award! It's under "Awards & Gifts 2"! Thanks to all who votes!

I probably won't be updating much, or maybe not at all this month.
At the end of may, I'll have my final exams at school! Whaa! I'm pretty stressed about it ;)
My last exam is the 2th of June, so till then, I gotta study study study study...
Wish me luck! ;) lol!
Whenever I have time I will try to update, but school comes first!
Please take a second to vote for me :)

Hey guys! Thanks for the many congratulations for my birthday :) I've put up all the gifts I got, you can view them in the right menu, under "me".
I also made a new dollmaker.
Silent Jetski Maker
Don't forget to vote for me in the Golden Webmistress Award contest ;)

A lot of people are emailing me and tell me that my left right and main page don't show up in the right frames.
If you have that problem, then your screen resolution is lower or higher than 1024x786. This layout is made for people with screen resolution 1024x786.
If you want to change your screen resolution, then follow these steps:
- Go to your desktop
- Right click and go to properties - Go to Settings
- On the left you see "screen resolution" move the little thing until it says "1024x786".
- Press OK and you're done :)
More updates will follow later this week, I got to go now cause my family is here, because it's my birthday tomorrow ^_^
I'll be 18, whoohoo!

Welcome to the totally new and fresh Gurlpowerrr!
I've FINALLY made a new layout :)
I've been working on it a LOT the past few weeks.
First I had to learn Iframes, which wouldn't have been possible without the amazing help of my hostee Li!
Thanks a lot Li! *muah* lol
After that I had to put the CSS code on every page, which was killing me! But it's all done, and this is the result!
I hope all of you like it, I sure think my first iframe layout turned out well :)
All the dollmakers are now in black and white, not in fancy layout colors.
I've also got a fanlisting! :) It's made by a sweet girl named Ester.
If you want to join, then please click here.
I also want to thank you for voting for me in the Golden Webmistress Awards. It's AMAZING how many votes I got!
Thanks a lot ya'll, I really really appreciate it :)
If you haven't voted yet and still want to, then please click here!
If you see anything that's not working, or still in the old layout color, then please tell me by emailing me!
Thanks a lot!



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