~* Making a Dollmaker *~

A lot of people want to make their own dollmaker. I remember when I first started out, I had no clue what to do. I was lucky enough to find the dollmaker tutorial on Emma's Dollhouse, but unfortunately she has closed, so where do you have to go now ? ;) I hope this tutorial will help, if you follow my steps one by one then it has to be a succes ;)

Step One - Getting props

This is I think the most important thing a dollmaker has to have lol, props.

For the people who don't know what props are; props are the doll clothes, heads, assecoires etc. Where to get them? You can get your props at the palace. For more info about the palace check out my Palace Tutorial

Step Two
After you've collected all the props and saved them and made them transparant (dunno how to make props transparant? Check out my Transparancy Tutorial), you got to upload them.
I assume you are familliar with uploading and websites, so I don't have to explain anything about that.

Step Three - The Drag 'n Drop Code
Go to Dynamic Drive to get the drag and drop code. It's been a long time since I got my drag n drop code from Dynamic Drive so I don't exactly remember where to go, but just take a good look and you'll find it.

Very important:
You have to put the code at the top of each page you want your dollmaker on.
After every url for the prop you gotta put class="drag".
Final image url should look like this:
<img src="http://yourpropcode.gif" class="drag">

I think that was about it that you needed to know for making a dollmaker. It seems pretty easy now, but it takes hours of hard work ;) You'll find that out yourself when you are collecting the props from the palace and making them transparent ;)

Still don't get it and still want a dollmaker? Then just adopt a dollmaker!

This tutorial is created by Eve The Doll Palace
Do not copy this tutorial onto your own website without the permission of The Doll Palace.