~* Making a Website *~

I think I've had about 1000 emails and 2000 posts on the message board with the same question: "HOW DO I MAKE A WEBSITE?" I'll try to answer that question here as good as I can.

Most Important: HTML
The first thing you need to do is to start learning HTML. HTML is not that hard once you got the hang of it. Good sites with HTML Help are Lissa Explains or Funky Chickens .
(You can also buy Microsoft Frontpage, it's a program that helps you to make and edit a site with easy familiar interface).

Get an account/Free Hosts
After you've learned the main codes like how to put a link on your site, how to put an image on your site etc, you gotta sign up for an account.
You can sign-up for a paid or free account. Free accoutn will usually add some sort of advertisement to your page. I'll give you the links of some free hosts which are ok.

You can find more links to free sites that can host your personal page @ Google Free Personal Hosting Directory

Following are couple of examples from Geocities. Please do not ask us about any other hosts, because we have no information about details of account maintence on their sites.

Working with Geocities
First you gotta sign up. After that you login go to "File manager". There you can edit your pages and upload new files, I think it actually speaks for itself.

Remember that the page called index.htm or index.html is your main page. So whatever you put on the main page, when you go to your site (example geocities.com/blah) you'll land on the page you called index.

What does your site gotta have?
Now that you've got your account and all, what things should your site have?
There are a few important things.
- You gotta have a lot of content. Give people something to see, something to do. You gotta keep them interested for at least 5 minutes, or else they're gone soon and they won't return.
- Make some dollmakers. I've noticed that since I made more and more dollmakers, I also got more and more visitors. If you have some good dollmakers, people will bookmark your site and come back often.
- Update frequently! You should update at least once or twice a week. People love to read "whats new". If they come to your site and see that the last update was at "January 2001" they won't be returning, cause it seems like you don't work at your site anymore.
- A nice and easy to navigate layout. If you're site's all messed up people will close the window immediately. Try using frames. Also make sure you've got a nice colourscheme.

More Visitors
I see you thinking, I want visitors! How do you get them?
- Sign up at topsitelists. The best one is The Doll Palace Topsites .
Of course you can also sign up at other topsitelists which can be found at this site at the "Vote for Gurlpowerrr" section.
- Make sure you get linked at populair dollsites. Also links on not so populair dollsites are good, every link is one link more right?
- Use the tips I gave you for what your sites gotta have. If your site is that good, people will tell eachother about it, ofcourse that gives you more visitors as well ;)

Ok I think that's about all I can tell you about making a website.
If there are some unanswered questions just go and explore the net, you'll find out yourself - thats what I did.

Frequently Asked Questions about making a website/my website:

Do you have to pay?
Nope, if you sign up for one of the free hosts I mentioned it's totally free!

Do you pay for your site?
Yes :)

How long will it take me to get a site just like yours?
LONG! I can tell you! Lol, I've started with Gurlpowerrr somewhere in September 2001, and I started working hard in the Summer of 2002. So if you work real real real hard you can have a site like this in half a year ;)

Do you wanna host me?
Nope I'm not able to host people.

I hope I answered all your questions, if not post it on the The Doll Palace Forums Forum.

This tutorial is created by Eve The Doll Palace
Do not copy this tutorial onto your own website without the permission of The Doll Palace.