~* Eve's Palace Tutorial *~

People have been asking me forever if they may use my props for their own dollmaker. I think that everyone should work hard for their own props, and if you want a dollmaker so bad, then it's definately worth it.

Palace is very confusing in the beginning, when I first had it I was like "Oh my god, I'll never get this". Emma's Dollhouse had a good tutorial on palace, but now that she's closed, we need another good tutorial on palace, so here I am. Before you begin, make sure you have a lot of free time and most important, a lot of patience.

Ok lets go!
Go to avatarpalace.net and download "avatar palace".
Start up avatar palace. Enter a nickname for yourself and connect to avatarpalace.net port 9998. It looks like this:

After that, go to "Prop rooms".

You'll see a lot of different kinds there, just go to the room with the props you are looking for. (Note: Flava Dolls are called Thug Dolls at the palace)

You are in are room with << reset and >> . Click on the >>. A doll apears. Now right click on the doll, and select "Save/Wear Avatar".

A little screen pops up - Press "Save This >>" and close the window. The doll is now in your prop bag! But where is your prop bag, and how can you get to it? Take a look:

When you click on the prop bag icon, another window pops up. The window will look like this:

What does it all mean?

Wear: Wear the prop you've selected in your prop bag. (You can also double click).

New: This is for the talented people under us - you can make your own props here.

Edit: You can edit the selected prop. If you like the shirt you've selected better if it's green, then just edit it! :)

Dupe: Duplicate the selected prop.

Delete: Delete the selected prop

Naked: If you don't want to wear any props, press naked. You'll become the ugly lil round avatar again :P

Close: Click this to close your prop bag.

Ok but now I see you thinking "How the **** am I gonna get the props to my computer?

Well I gotta admit, it's not a fun thing to do. You gotta save all the props with the button "Print Screen". You can print screen your whole prop bag, and cut the dolls out in paint (Thats what I mostly do) or you can "undress the doll" (just click on the doll you are wearing, and click on the props and drag them away until you only see one prop) and then hit print screen.

Just do what you find the most easy way.

For infortmation about transparancy please check out our FAQ :)

Of course palace is not only a program to get props. It's a program to chat with people while you are wearing avatars, and there are also a lot of pagent contests hold.

If you are as crazy about Unique dolls as I am, I reccomend you to go to a "Unique pagent" sometimes. The judge will tell you how to dress, and then she will tell who wins and who's out.
It's really fun! :)

Well I hope I didnt forget to tell you anything, and I hope I answered all the questions now.

This tutorial is created by Eve The Doll Palace
Do not copy this tutorial onto your own website without the permission of The Doll Palace.