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    Images will not show up on your site for most of the visitors if you direct link to any of the sites from The Doll Palace Family.
  • Linking Back
  • You can use premade images, dolls and dolls created on makers for non commercial purposes. If you use any of the materials, you must link back. The images and the dollmakers took a lot of hard work and time, so please give us credit for them.

    You can not use items (props) from our makers on your site; you can only use premade dolls or dolls made on our makers.
  • Haters
  • Of course there are people that don't like sites from The Doll Palace family. If you are one of them, simply close the window ('X' button in the right top corner) and leave the site. Please do not bother with any rude comments... Every message that does not follow The Doll Palace terms of use will be deleted.

    The Doll Palace team wishes you a great stay on Gurlpowerrr!

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    Some dolls on Girlpowerrr were made with help from the dollmakers on the other sites. We linked all those sites back at the credits page. Most of the dolls were made from the palace props.

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