~* How to save the Dolls you've made *~

I never had a tutorial on how to save the dolls you made on my site cause I always thought everyone already knew, but since I still am getting emails from people who are asking me this, I decided to make this small tutorial.

Here we go...

Regular Doll Site
- After you have finished your doll you have to press the button "print screen" (next to f12).
- Then open a paint program, doesn't matter which program it is but the most easy one is Microsoft paint, and we all have that on our computers.
- Then press "CTRL V" (or select paste under the edit menu).
- Now you see your whole screen in your paint program. You have to cut the doll out now. You can use this button to cut your doll out.
- Now open a new sheet in your paint program, and press "CTRL V" again. Now you see the doll you've just cut out there.
- All you need to do now is save it, and you're done :)

The Doll Palace Family Site
- After you have finished your doll simply click "Build"
- Wait for the popup window with your doll and click "Save" (Small Floppy Icon)

Now that wasn't that hard was it ? ;)