~* Transparency *~

You know how ugly it is when you saved your doll, uploaded it and it has this white block around it? With this tutorial that will be history ;) Just follow my steps and your dolls will have a transparant background.

Step One
I'm writing this tutorial on Paint Shop Pro, so if you don't have PSP then I suggest you download the FREE trial version http://www.jasc.com

Step Two
Open PSP, now open the image you wanna make transparant. I'll be using the image below for this tutorial, so I suggest you do the same.

Step Three

Right click like you see on the image below and press "web toolbar".

A little toolbar will show up, it will look like this:

Step Four
Now click the little arrow with the letters "GIF" on it.
Make sure you've got your properties at "Partial Transparency" set like this:

Make sure that under the option "transparancy" you've selected the lime green color to make transparant. I choose the color lime green cause the background of my doll is lime green, and I want that to be transparant. So if the background color of your is white, then select the colour white at "areas that match this color".

At the image above you'll see the image before it was made transparant and after it was made transparent. Now all you have to do is press the OK button and save it. You're done!

This tutorial is created by Eve The Doll Palace
Do not copy this tutorial onto your own website without the permission of The Doll Palace.